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Peter Pig

Click here to go to home page All figures and models are supplied unpainted. All standard packs are priced at £3.20 each and generally contain 8 infantry or 4 cavalry figures.


XX001 3 x 3 cm bases (square)
These are used for the majority of Peter Pig rule systems.   Usually infantry
40 Bases in a pack.   

XX002 3x 4 cm bases (rectangular)
Usually used for cavalry and equipment.
40 Bases per pack.   

 XX003 4 x 4 cm bases (square)
These are usually used for guns and generals
10 Bases per pack £2

Battle Clock £4.50 (XX020)
To record the game countdown.
Goes from 0 to 21. Most Peter Pig games use a 21 point countdown.
Diameter 3" (7.5cm)

Piggy Dice   £6
Bag of 20. Choose colour   All dice are 16mm size.   Piggy on the 6.
Pink (xx200)                                                 Black D6. (xx201)
Red D6. (xx202)                                   Orange (xx203)
Kawasaki green (xx204)                   British racing green (xx205)
Blitzkrieg grey (xx206)                           Spitfire blue (xx207)  

16mm dice. Peter Pig first produced these dice with piggy head on the 6 (instead of the traditional 1 in 2003).  Another innovation from Peter Pig.

XX004 Pair of choice dice
2 faces "I choose" 4 Faces blank.
Used when a player wishes to choose the location of the casualties inflicted. Used in some Peter Pig rules.   
£1.50 per pair

Peter Pig 15mm figures
Peter Pig is one of the world's leading 15mm manufacturers.  We make 5500 different figures and models.  These are distilled into   1800 (15mm) packs. Every range has an associated set of 15mm rules. Also there are related 15mm scenery ranges to accompany the figure ranges.  In these days of wandering measures of sizes into 18mm,12mm and other sizes close to 15mm, Peter Pig has remained true to the 15mm ideal.  These other sizes are often an attempt by a manufacturer to create a market  for just their peculiar size. It is also used by sculptors who cannot work well with the 15mm size restriction and so need extra size in order to create acceptable sculpts. Peter Pig will continue to do 15mm wargame figures.  We will also constantly return to each range in order to carry out updates and additions. Thus we have 15mm ranges with longevity and future potential.

Fisticuffs 2018

Fisticuffs traders 2018

Trader name

What they stock


Peter Pig

15mm  (2)


Last man last bullet

Excellent resin bunkers etc.(2)

07531 582 905

War Painter

Scenics etc.(2)


Grubby tanks

Tanks, tanks, figures.(2)


Saturday May 26th   2018
Rembrandt Hotel ,12-18 Dorchester Road, Weymouth DT4 7JU

for information please contact martin       peterpig@btinternet.com

Bring and Buy. Run by Laurence,and Daryl. Only 10% commission, no booking in fee. Well displayed goods and experienced staffing.

Get your BRING AND BUY form here(pdf)

Entry £3  (£1.50 children under 14 and non gamers).
Family ticket =2 adults + 5 children (under 14)=£7.50


The Weymouth wargames show

Saturday 26th May 2018 (new location)

10 o’clock until 4 o’clock

There will be

Held at the Rembrandt Hotel ,12-18 Dorchester Road, Weymouth DT4 7JU

Lots of local free parking

Bold letters =games confirmed for Fisticuffs 2018

Who is putting

the game on

Game title



Dave's Gang



Dorchester Johns

20mm Rapid Fire


Colin and Steve

Russian civil war


Laurie Walsh






Any errors...sorry!   Contact martin and put him right!!!!

Report on previous shows


Fisticuffs 2016 was a successful show. The Pavilion did a great job of hosting the show. Thanks to all the pavilion staff for helping us out. I think the traders had a good enough time, but they will know better than me. The games all went very well and allowed many to participate in and see the hobby.

We had a couple of international visitors who played games and generally  “joined in”.

The bring and buy crew did a great job of organising and calming the customers.

Thanks to all the Levellers who worked hard and made the show good.

This show was the 30th anniversary show for the Weymouth club. Of course Fisticuffs does not compete with flagship shows like Salute, Colours and SELWG, but is still one of the very best “local” shows.

Thanks you