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Peter Pig “The 15 Mill”

Click here to go to home page All figures and models are supplied unpainted. All standard packs are priced at £4.35 each and generally contain 8 infantry or 4 cavalry figures.  WANT TO CHANGE PACK (click here) CONTENTS? What's in my basket?


XX001 3 x 3 cm bases (square)
These are used for the majority of Peter Pig rule systems.   Usually infantry
40 Bases in a pack.   

XX002 3x 4 cm bases (rectangular)
Usually used for cavalry and equipment.
40 Bases per pack.   

 XX003 4 x 4 cm bases (square)
These are usually used for guns and generals
10 Bases per pack £2.50

The famous Piggy Dice £6       Pack  0f 12
Choose colour   All dice are 16mm size.   Piggy on the 6.     

16mm dice. Peter Pig first produced these dice with piggy head on the 6 (instead of the traditional 1 in 2003).  Another innovation from Peter Pig.

Black (xx201)

Dark orange (xx202)

Orange (xx203)

Kawasaki green (xx204)

British racing (dark) green (xx205)

Blitzkrieg (dark) grey (xx206)

Spitfire (light) blue (xx207)  

Mid blue (xx208)

Pink (xx209)  

Ivory (xx210)  

Yellow (xx211)

(XX004) Pair of choice dice
2 faces "I choose" 4 Faces blank.
Used when a player wishes to choose the location of the casualties inflicted. Used in some Peter Pig rules.

£1.50 per pair

Peter Pig 15mm figures
Peter Pig is one of the world's leading 15mm figure manufacturers.  We make 6000 different figures and models.  These are distilled into   1800 (15mm) packs. Every range has an associated set of rules. Also, there are related 15mm scenery ranges to accompany the figure ranges.  In these days of wandering measures of sizes into 18mm, 12mm and other sizes close to 15mm; Peter Pig has remained true to the 15mm ideal.  These other sizes are often an attempt by a manufacturer to create a market  for just their peculiar size. It is also used by sculptors who cannot work well with the 15mm size restriction and so need extra size in order to create acceptable sculpts. Peter Pig will continue to do 15mm wargame figures.  We will also constantly return to each range in order to carry out updates and additions.
Thus we have  15mm ranges with longevity and future potential.

15mm WW2 miniatures -  market leader for over 35 years  !

 WW2 miniatures are split in to a page for each nationality.
Click on the one you want.

(click on the one you want)



This category includes British paras, 8th army, 14th army , guns and tanks.


This category includes USMC.


This category includes DAK and paratroops.


This category includes Bersegliari.

Civilians + Markers

This category includes refugees.

French army

This category includes French armour.


This category includes Cossacks.



Sherman series information and details (click here)

Vehicle built to 1/100th scale . Figures are "proper", not super sized 15mm. Peter Pig created the 1/100th with 15mm match in 1981 knowing that 1/100th is too big for 15mm,
but looks good because of the extra "heft" and "bulk" of 15mm figure sculpts.

Information about WW2 miniatures packs

  • Infantry/figure packs usually contain 8 x 15mm pieces/figures. This will either be 8 figures in three poses or eight castings of crew and weapon.
    Mortar  and MMG/HMG packs usually have two weapons and six crew figures. This gives enough for two bases/teams of  the weapon.

  • Artillery pieces are sold singly without crew as are tanks and other vehicles. This is because we have a variety of crew packs that suit each gun type. You might even want to use it as a captured gun.
  • Prone figures usually have a "smoothed face" i.e. little facial detail. This is because the undercut for a face smaller than the headgear would tear the mould as you pull a larger object (helmet circumference through a smaller hole, head cavity). Other manufacturers who try this often have torn moulds. The face will not be visible to the gamer standing above the figure anyway.
  • Vehicles will require some assembly and are intended for use by experienced wargamers and not children. Click here for an assembly guide

Range 8   WW2