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Peter Pig “The 15 Mill”

Click here to go to home page All figures and models are supplied unpainted. All standard packs are priced at £3.40 each and generally contain 8 infantry or 4 cavalry figures.  WANT TO CHANGE PACK (click here) CONTENTS?


XX001 3 x 3 cm bases (square)
These are used for the majority of Peter Pig rule systems.   Usually infantry
40 Bases in a pack.   

XX002 3x 4 cm bases (rectangular)
Usually used for cavalry and equipment.
40 Bases per pack.   

 XX003 4 x 4 cm bases (square)
These are usually used for guns and generals
10 Bases per pack £2

Battle Clock £4.50 (XX020)
To record the game countdown.
Goes from 0 to 21. Most Peter Pig games use a 21 point countdown.
Diameter 3" (7.5cm)

  The famous Piggy Dice £6
Bag of 20. Choose colour   All dice are 16mm size.   Piggy on the 6.
Pink (xx200)                                                 Black D6. (xx201)
Red D6. (xx202)                                   Orange (xx203)
Kawasaki green (xx204)                   British racing green (xx205)
Blitzkrieg grey (xx206)                           Spitfire blue (xx207)  

16mm dice. Peter Pig first produced these dice with piggy head on the 6 (instead of the traditional 1 in 2003).  Another innovation from Peter Pig.

XX004 Pair of choice dice
2 faces "I choose" 4 Faces blank.
Used when a player wishes to choose the location of the casualties inflicted. Used in some Peter Pig rules.   
£1.50 per pair

Peter Pig 15mm figures
Peter Pig is one of the world's leading 15mm manufacturers.  We make 5500 different figures and models.  These are distilled into   1800 (15mm) packs. Every range has an associated set of 15mm rules. Also there are related 15mm scenery ranges to accompany the figure ranges.  In these days of wandering measures of sizes into 18mm,12mm and other sizes close to 15mm, Peter Pig has remained true to the 15mm ideal.  These other sizes are often an attempt by a manufacturer to create a market  for just their peculiar size. It is also used by sculptors who cannot work well with the 15mm size restriction and so need extra size in order to create acceptable sculpts. Peter Pig will continue to do 15mm wargame figures.  We will also constantly return to each range in order to carry out updates and additions. Thus we have 15mm ranges with longevity and future potential.

Viking Day  9th February 2019

A day of dark age gaming at Entoyment games store POOLE Dorset.
Players had 2 or 3 games in the day.
Here are just a few taster pictures showing the "action".
Rules used used are "Longships-Wrath of the Vikings".   The games were restricted to land raids. So battles were not used, nor were river landings.

The games were enjoyable. rapid, straightforward and absorbing!

All games were fought in 15mm.
Armies present were Viking, Irish, Welsh and Saxon. Not a single Scots army.

Each army has 5 units. The defender starts with few on table, but they do amass. The raider needs to judge when his superiority is waning and when to leave.  The defender might prevent this.

A fine day of gaming.  Good location, good game and good players. Next one 2nd March 2019.

Viking army raiding.
Welsh army defending.

The Welsh king and his personal bodyguard are in the near end of the far village .

Two Viking units are to their left and front.  Another Viking unit has moved down the road to the bottom right. They are getting on with the raid, whilst their other units engage the King.

This is early in the game.

Same game

The Welsh army has 4 units off table, waiting to arrive. Only the King's personal unit has turned up on table so far!

Same game

Lead Viking unit moving down the road. It is too easy to get distracted by defenders, instead of getting on with the raid. If the raiders stay too long, more and more defenders turn up. using the road allows for faster movement. However being in a march column is very dangerous if attacked by a defender unit.

Giant Hands (the Gods)

Sometimes the Gods interfere in the doings of warriors.

Aggressive Viking troops assault. To the left of this picture are 3 main ship crews (each Viking unit is comprised of a ship crew, whilst raiding) . In the very centre are a group of skirmishers. Moving through a village in battle line is a slow process.  The unit on the right IS in trouble.  Maybe they can stare off the Vikings for a turn or two?  Help is surely on the way.

Irish versus Saxon

The Saxons are defending. that is them in the distance with the yellow flash. All the  other units are Irish. This is near the game start. The Irish have little in the way of armoured troops, but do deploy a lot of harassing skirmishers. The scenery is open, with marshes, crops and gentle hills. Idyllic. the Irish have swept the near villages.

Same game

Notice the Irish are in march column in order to cover ground quickly and keep the shock element of their raid. The white tags on unit leader bases give the names of those leaders. To the far left, the leading Irish skirmishers are contacting a Saxon guard unit.

Irish in defence

The initial Irish response was to guard the area by using a palisade and guard unit. There they are at the top of the picture.  The Saxons are coming on fast, in march column. They (Saxons) will need to deploy into battle line and shield wall before assaulting. The palisade is tough nut to crack, but the Saxons might just bottle them up in there, whilst carrying out raiding activities.

Same game

Yellow flash on picture left shows position of Saxon earl. scenery is again very open.